Wednesday, July 29, 2015

US General Calls For Obama's Immediate Arrest Treasonous Activities The X Tribune -


Typical rightwing rag. Can’t report facts at all. First line: “Although anyone with half a functioning brain cell can see that Obama is a domestic threat to the United States of America.” Problem is, they say this shit all the time and yet never back it up with facts. All this one does is whine about Benghazi (an already known nontroversy) and more baloney claims about “pandering to the Muslim brotherhood” (forgetting he called the order to kill Bin Laden. And eats bacon. And droned more Islamic targets than they did. Meaning this story is full of crap. Meanwhile actual treason, committed by 47 senators who wrote a letter to the Iranian government to undermine his authority in peace deals (violating the Logan Act), is something they never seem to mention. Isn’t that weird?