Wednesday, July 29, 2015


The Beast is still closing in on the free. The Kayapo being expelled from their homes for the construction of the Belo Monte Dam, which will flood 400.000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. This comes as no surprise. Not long ago, you might recall, this photo was being circulated with the claim that the man was crying over the selling of his land: The reality, as Snopes helped share, was that KayapĆ³ “chief” Raoni Metuktire had been reunited with a long lost family member. He claimed, “I was not crying because of the government’s decision … I’m going to keep fighting. I am alive and strong, and as long as I’m alive I will continue to fight for my people!“ Unfortunately that fight is still happening, and as we already know, every time there’s a fight between civilization and indigenous peoples, civilization wins. All will be assimilated. The Beast will win. And you thought what we did to the Indians was a thing of the past? Nope. We still operate by the same policy. And we haven’t even come close to learning our lesson. Just so you know, what you’re seeing isn’t progress. It’s the sustainable being forced to make way for the unsustainable. It’s more selfish, senseless destruction, pure and simple.