Monday, July 6, 2015

Guns: You gotta have specifics if you’re going to say you don’t want bullets flying everywhere


That’s what gun people say. You can’t say you want gun control without the burden of proof on you to prove it works, and exactly how you plan on it working, and with specific facts and shit. And you better not be a big meanie and insult gun owners because that’s just rude or something.

Meanwhile gun violence keeps happening, and after an incident happens, gun sales soar because the media insists you’re going to have them taken away, while simultaneously telling you that it’s too soon after that horrid incident to talk about guns at all. And then a black guy… well, actually a Democrat, so how dare I say race has anything to do with it, that just proves I’m the “real racist” they’ll say… is elected president, and gun sales SOAR because they just know know know that he’s gonna be coming fer yer gunz!!! and then he doesn’t, and that’s just proof that he will soon.


And then he shoots guns as a hobby so they say it’s a smokescreen so the sales SOAR AGAIN after his reelection because…….. well………

Let’s just say, after all that, how dare you suggest gun people are paranoid. You need to know what you’re talking about. You probably never shot one. You probably just need to stop being angry and have a valium. But whatever you do, don’t talk about guns. People on Tumblr had a field-day insulting me because of a gun post. I couldn’t be just an advocate for gun laws and registration. No, I had to be anti-gun. I had to be eeeeevil. And they had to be the voices of reason that dissected me as typical this, or typical that.

Not a typical person who just wants to see people not being shot anymore. Oh wait, that was an “emotional appeal” they’ll say.

Anyways, my favorite one was that someone insisted if we didn’t have liberal metropolitan areas in the count, gun violence counts would drop dramatically. Yep. It’s really just us liberals shooting everyone or something. As usual, another point that doesn’t make a point at all. So when it’s pointed out that it’s the gun-hungry south that skews the violence, I’m sure that’ll be ignored as well. Although actually it’s the red states that have the most of them:


So while we know the NRA has done all it can, on many occasions, to block us from getting those details they insist we should have before we even discuss this, people aren’t standing for it. They’re getting those facts anyway. Because…

it’s information we need. Ownership of a household gun is correlated with higher rates of firearm suicide. Other studies have shown that more guns means more crime, and for every three people who are killed by gun accidents, another eight can look forward to lives affected severely by their injuries.

This is how it works; you can’t change the opinions of people, but you can change the culture. And this is the approach we should be taking with gun culture in American. It shouldn’t be that hard to convince Americans that gun control is necessary — after all, gun culture is so choked by paranoia it’s a perfect example why gun control is necessary.

And when it shows more guns DO equal more crime, it’s no wonder they want that info blocked. And it’s because of precisely that: paranoia. What Dr. Bindu Kalesan’s study comes down to is a simple concept of “social gun culture.”

According to Kalesan’s study, it’s basically peer pressure to conform. If you don’t own a gun, your friends and family would somehow think less of you, and much of your social life with friends and family involves firearms.

It’s much like machismo amongst douchebags. You had better not refer to women as equal human beings, but as vessels for your dick. You had better love shooting or you’ll be called an American hating Commie. Or a liberal who’s never seen a gun up close, as I was hilariously called. Bitch, I grew up in the south. I have ridden in quite a few vehicles with gun racks, my head banging into them with every dirt-road bump. But why not throw assumptions around while whining about them being thrown at you, right?

Gun culture is simply a club of scared little boys worried that someone might think they’re not fully a man. They must have pickup trucks because a Prius would mean their dick is little or something. Oh dear, I said something mean. That’s so not liberal-like of me. I guess we really are the mean ones. Except we’re not shooting anybody,  but that would be totally forgivable.

With yet another crazy gun incident happening, I’m sure I shouldn’t be talking about this. I’m sure it’s too soon. I’m sure I’m just being a rage filled liberal who should learn more about guns instead of talking about this. I’m also pretty sure I need to fill this post with exact plans, full of research and proof that my plans will work, before I speak on the matter.

Meanwhile gun people don’t need such proof whenever their NRA masters warn them that they’re coming for your guns, even if it hasn’t happened the past 2,500 times they’ve said it. They just need more fear, and off they go to stockpile more of them.

Because America, that’s why. Or something.

Yeah, gun-fuckers, I’m still talking. Go ahead. Light up my notifications with your bullshit. I enjoy proof that I’m right about your nuttery. Meanwhile I’ll keep saying what I’ve been saying. We need regulations, registration, limitations, and required training. Those things are not too much to ask. We ask for them on vehicles. If you think they are, you prove to me you’re fucking nuts. And probably shouldn’t have a fucking gun.