Sunday, July 19, 2015

Black Lives Matter: Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley Stumble During Protest


This is America. This is the real America. Where we actually have to remind people that #BlackLivesMatter, and even as we do people react, as O’Malley did, by saying, “Yeah, sure, all lives matter!” instead of addressing the actual issue. All lives aren’t being shot, unarmed, murdered, for no reason by cops who are members of an organization dedicated to hating them. Black lives are. Not whites. And that is why that is chanted. Be thankful you don’t have to chant that white lives matter. Nobody’s taking yours like you’re trash. This is America. It started thinking black lives didn’t matter. It developed a huge movement against black lives mattering. And to this day, they’re assassinated by the cops who are supposed to defend them. Yes, a flag came down. Decades too late. I’m disappointed in Bernie on this, but in this nation saying that black lives matter could be the death of your campaign. It shouldn’t be for a Democrat. It probably isn’t for a Democrat, but too many are afraid to stand by the big scary blac