Friday, December 5, 2014

A white gay man feels completely okay with judging dead black people

An article written recently at Bilerico (not my favorite source, but a good article nonetheless) called it “The Greatest of Hypocrisies” for gays to be condemning riots, when gay riots are what we celebrate at Pride. Ah, but I deal with a great deal of gays who end up showing me incredibly uneducated hypocrisies.

Today, it was Carl and David:



Aww, what’s the matter, Carl? Feeling unfairly judged? What a pity for you. But oh we know you. We know more than enough about you now. And you actually get to walk away from the prejudice you think you just suffered, you hypocritical fuck.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

When Conservatives think they’re being funny

And you have to remind them that untrue, ancient stereotypes about liberals aren’t really funny because humor has to have an element of truth. Like Amy here


Complete, of course, with tired old McCarthyist accusations of Communism, because apparently that never gets old or anything. Well, I can do it too!



And in a follow up tweet, I show her how wrong her mindlessly retweeted meme was using Twitlonger:


"What difference AT THIS POINT does it make?" she actually said.

Your 'quote' is wrong, as usual for a conservative. Because you people are always fucking wrong.

The quote is, "What difference at this point does it make?" and it was what she said when she was asked why they gave the "lie" of an answer of it being a YouTube video to which the rioters at Benghazi were responding.

Because you idiots were calling that the biggest worst lie ever told, which is just bullshit. There were other riots at that time confirmed to have been reactions to that video. So it's hardly a stretch or a big giant lie. To say that is outrageous hyperbole.

At that moment when that was asked why they rioted, and she gave that answer as the most likely cause, what was most important at that moment was dealing with the crisis rather than sitting around coming up with an answer as to why these irrational people were doing what they were doing.

So in the inquisition, she asked what difference AT THAT POINT does it make? What difference if it was a YouTube video or a rave or a flash mob, does it make? What mattered was that four people were killed. She is NOT saying what difference does it make THAT people were killed, and that's what you're implying. And you're wrong. As usual, you fucking conservatards are completely, utterly, absolutely wrong.

By the way, they were caught and confirmed that it was the YouTube video. So it wasn't even a lie. But don't let that stop you from blabbing your ridiculous, already well proven wrong talking point bullshit.

Oh, and let's not forget Benghazi that thing in which absolutely NO WRONGDOING whatsoever by the White House was found by any investigation ever. <---rightwing source unhappily admitting it.

Not that you'd know it since Fox spewed lots of accusations, but never reported the finding:

Congrats on just being another rightwing idiot who, as I said, is completely, utterly, absolutely WRONG.