Tuesday, October 7, 2014

FURIOUS with Facebook exposing me like this

Days after Facebook apologized to drag queens and the LGBT community for the insensitivity in saying that they must use ‘real names’ and be exposed, my account was still blocked. I would log in and still get the message that I needed to enter an ID and change my name to something they’ll accept. Now keep in mind, I indirectly know the Sisters who were involved in this fight… knowing friends of their friends. And remember also, I had this fight with Facebook for over two years, but nothing changed until this became a public problem. Now that the public apology happened, and it’s out of the spotlight, guess what is still happening to me?

I was patient because involved Sisters suggested that it might not have gotten around to me yet. And so I figured I’d go ahead and log in and give them my ID but in it ask for my ‘real name’ not to be used. And that’s what I actually did. I put the name into the slot that I wish to use, and submitted this graphic WITH ID and explanation:




I woke up today and logged in as I daily to, to see if any progress had been made. Instead I found my account restored. And guess what name they used? The very name I told them I do not want to have used.




You can tell by the cover pic I instantly made and uploaded, I was not happy. I also immediately fixed the all my personal info so that it is now filled entirely with misinformation. Then I even went so far as deactivating it so that it wasn’t findable by anybody. Later in the day, I found this email:



Trying to make a point:

The California ID was not a real ID. Days before the apology I decided to try using an ID with my name made from a California Driver’s License generator. The point was to get the name I wish to use reinstated, but also to reveal, if Facebook remained stubborn, that even that ID policy isn’t securing anybody at all. After all, I was asked for ID but a lot of people are not. Most in fact. So this does nothing to keep anybody safe, but forcing me to use the name on my ID ABSOLUTELY DOES expose me to my family, who I wish to avoid. They say they’re sensitive to the needs of LGBT people who have family they wish to avoid.

But here’s the absolute fucking stupidity… they allow for drag names and names you prefer to use rather than your ‘real’ names now, right? So why the fuck do I need an ID for that? And how the fuck do you get ID for a name that isn’t officially your name? AND WHY THE FUCK ARE THEY ONLY ASKING FOR THAT FROM ME? Everyone else can now change their name to whatever they want without any problem, but I am incapable because they demand ID!!!! WHAT THE FUCK???

I sent this reply:



So I get this mail next:



Oh! Well alrighty then.

Now I should specify it says that deactivating your account is not the same as deleting your account. So when I deactivated it, it made it not exist unless I should log back in. It’s their way to let you take an absence from which you can change your mind later if need be. Okay, so I log back in and reactivate the account, and I found…. oh, still displaying my ‘real name’ for all to see. Not resolved at all. They are not listening to me at all. They just put my name out there despite clear demands not to, without a give-a-shit in the world that people I don’t want to find me will be blatantly able to do exactly that.

I’M FUCKING FURIOUS. I have had it with this shit:




I’m back to getting nothing but robot responses.




And therefore I guess I have to deactivate the account again. So no, they’re still fucking with me. Now, I would not have to provide identification for them if it were a drag name, right? And they have my ID so that they know who I am, right? But no. And since everyone else on earth is appeased about this, there’s nobody who gives a shit. None of my friends seem to notice or care. All the Sisters are now just fine. But they’re particularly picking on me alone now. I’d had this shit long before they started deleting Sisters’ names, and then they delete my account because I stood up for them and that hater reported me. I didn’t even ask to have Ray Bear as my name on there. It’s just what Facebook put in place because they refused RedSpider. And is anybody standing up for me? Nope.

And for an additional laugh, remember, I’d made a secondary account so I could get in, because before their apology there was no way in hell I was giving them my ID, and I couldn’t give them one for Ray RedSpider, or Ray Bear. So I was completely blocked out and unable to tell people where I was.

Well, the secondary account I made to get in…… look what I was able to do with that one with absolutely no difficulty whatsoever:




I said to change my name to Ray RedSpider, and voila. They did. No problems, no muss, no fuss. So why the fuck did they require ID on the account I’ve had for years? And why the fuck did they put my name on it AFTER APOLOGIZING, AFTER REALIZING THE HARM THAT POLICY DOES, AFTER I SPECIFICALLY EXPLAINED WHY I DID NOT WANT THEM TO? Why am I singled out here?

So they are particularly picking on me. That is right here, evident as can possibly be. The name policy no longer requires anybody to issue ID to use the name they choose, but they’re still absolutely insisting that of me, and if I say anything to them, I get the robot response that it’s resolved again because they don’t give a shit that they violated me.

I’m thankful the Sisters were able to get Facebook to realize it’s wrong, but now that it’s over, they are back to their usual shitbaggery. Meaning they didn’t realize they were wrong. They just aren’t doing this to people who can bring publicity about it. Nobody’s listening to me. Nobody notices, nobody cares.

I’ll be on Google+ and Diaspora, like I said. Fuck these people. If you must follow me on Facebook at all, my posts will be auto-posted to the Ray RedSpider page that I made. But otherwise, fuck it. And I won’t be replying there. You’ll know how to get hold of me. Right here.

This is such fucking bullshit.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Google’s Voice Recognition is ALWAYS good for a laugh

Okay, Google Voice’s attempt to use voice recognition to do auto-dictation of your voice mails… yeah, it’s been the subject of a lot of laughs and humor. I’ve used it and I laughed so hard at some of the shit it threw at me when I got a voice mail. But Google’s Voice recognition for texts and typing is quite awesome. Usually. Far better than the Dragon Dictation that comes with Swype keyboard. Which is why I tweaked it so that my Swype’s dictation key opens up Google’s VR rather than Dragon.

But tonight, I found myself hurting from laughter at its error. Here’s what happened.

We went to Worn Out West 2 off Castro (WOW1 was on Castro but closed down). I found a jock I really can’t afford, but I can’t allow anybody else to have it because it’s red, it’s spiderwebby, and it’s fucking mine now. WOW has always done layaway. So I put it on layaway and should have it by next month. I have plans for this thing.



Now, I snapped this pic before leaving so I can show you. It’s not mine yet. It’s still at the store. So then I go to try to share it, and I decided at the Starbuck’s not to try to type it all out, but to use voice. I spoke as clearly as I could, but it was a touch noise. And this is what was posted in the final form, AFTER I cleared the errors. This is word for word what I said into the VR:




Well, up to the point where you can clearly see in the post that I mentioned how voice recognition failed me hilariously. As it failed me, I caught a screenshot. What I said is above. This is what I looked down and found, before fixing the errors. Enjoy!



Oh Google Voice Recognition… you’re drunk, but you’re still my friend, and I love you.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Texting to 911?

The news here in San Francisco was talking about how we’ll soon be able to text to 911 in those cases where it’s too loud to call, but right now they don’t have the capacity. And I’m thinking, I’ll bet that’s just going to be all kinds of bad news……







And those are just the ones where someone ISN’T sexting 911.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Yes, a Christian Harry Potter. Let’s Tear it Apart!

I love @Midnight so much, I injected myself into this excellent moment of its show. Why? Because how can one not want to be a part of Chris Hardwick’s world? I’m his number one fan, and I have the lotion, basket, and hose ready to go…


HP1 Geekology
HP2 quote
HP3 Reading Lights
HP4 here is what she wrote
HP4 but I forgive you
HP4 jesus spell
HP5 Story
HP5 So Angry
HP6 Nikki
HP7 Michael
HP8 Julez
HP 19
HP10 jerkoff
HP11 Dick Hagrid
HP12 Magical

Moving in to Google+ and using it

Some tell me that they don’t get how it works, or why it works better. To be honest, I totally get how intimidating it can be if you’re used to a format and try to move into another one. When everyone moved from Facebook, I was still in LiveJournal mindset, so it blew me away a bit. When I realized what was happening, I was baffled by how it was so successful when it was, in essence, the same thing as the old Yahoo 360 that I’d tried and hated. But that was pre-cell times and never worked as fast. Anyway, the point is that if you don’t get the format, you’ll be confused.

When I first tried Facebook, I thought it was just a site where you have a picture and a status. I went in and put in a status and thought… okay, now what? Someone demonstrated that I had to friend people, and then I’ll see a feed, etc., which wasn’t different than my LiveJournal friends page. So really, the format isn’t different. It just feels different, but it’s essentially the same. Same with Google+.

Google+ will feel like nothing’s happening. You don’t get messages on it just because you friend someone. They have to share with you, meaning you have to get in people’s circles. That’s the only reason it felt ghost-town to some people. They forgot to be social in the social network. That’s all. No other reason kept people away other than that.

So I figured I’d give you a demo on how to make Google+ work for you, and demonstrate why their notification system is pretty damned superior. You know how you get notifications on Facebook… those three little icons on top. You see a red number, you’ve got a message!

Notifications FB got msg

Just click on it and get your messages in a list. All of them.

Notifications FB open

Thankfully some are blue-tinged so you know they’re new. But that tinge is kind of difficult to tell from the already-red message color, especially on your phone outside. But hey, you got a new message. Just give it a click and… you wait for the entire browser page to change to where that message is. The entire page. And now that you’ve clicked, your red number is gone, and you’ve lost your place in the messages list. It’s annoying.

The way I did this is to hold down my Cntl key and click on all new messages so they’d open up in new tabs and I wouldn’t lose place. You don’t want to know what that does to your RAM. But any click, and you lose your place on anything else on the page. It’s all going to change, and you have to wait for it.

That’s not Google+’s way. Your notification is a bell in the right-hand corner.

Notifications G no msg

When it’s lit, you’ve got messages. I won’t lie, it doesn’t always do well in telling you the number of messages, but it does let you know you have them. Here’s why it’s far superior. You click on the bell, and…

Notifications G Chrome Extension open w msg

You get a pop-up with a list of messages. That’s the same thing, right? Wrong. Because you will get to go through the messages, and even answer them, all in this pop-up window, and your whole page can stay exactly where it is. You just click the message from extremely sexy Dominic here and…

Notifications G Chrome Extension open w msg open

There’s the post he’s replying to, all other replies so you can even look through the conversation, and even the “add a comment” bubble so you can answer it. You can maneuver through the messages using the up and down chevrons on the top right of the pop-up! Or, you can click the notifications above with the arrow to go back to the list of notifications. The one you just looked at will disappear from the list, so you’re not cluttered with every message you’ve ever gotten….. but it’s not gone! I’ll get to that in a second…

The point is, you can maneuver the entire list and answer them without having to do a thousand refreshes of your entire screen. And when you’re done…

Notifications G open all caught up

It tells you. But those already read messages I mentioned? Yeah, you see it already. The “Previously read” part. Boom. Done.

Notifications G open prev msgs

I wish every social site had notifications as easy to maneuver through as this one. Hell, I wish the Google+ phone app did it this way. Yeah, spoiler alert, it doesn’t. Although it still gets you through them easier than the Facebook phone app does.

Wanna know the cool part? You don’t even need a Google+ screen open to go through your messages. Now you can have any Google site open, like Gmail or YouTube open, and you’ll see your bell and be alerted to messages. But even then, you can install the Notifier extension on Chrome and have that bell always ready.

Notifications G Chrome Extension closed

And you can still go through ALL messages in the pop-up that comes down from that button…

Notifications G Chrome Extension open

…and not disturb any of the tabs you already have open. If you want the bubble to keep going but you want to open a link in there, just hold down Cntl and click it, or right click the link and choose “Open link in a new tab,” and it’ll open but not disturb your message bubble.

So, you want to use Google+, it’ll guide you into how to set up your circles and all that stuff. And once you have circles set up, it makes sharing easier. The square where you post something seems unclear…….

Posting closed

…..until you click on it. Then it comes to life…

Posting open

Now it’s the same as clicking the photo to upload and share a pic (or a video), and though it has a link button, it’ll automatically load up the link and image from one if you paste a URL into the status too. Another great thing you can do that you can’t do at Facebook, is post an animated GIF pic. People will see it in motion. Facebook never let you do that.

As you can see, you have a space to type your status or caption for the pic, video, or link. The other thing you have is the field labeled To: where you see that I have some bubbles. Those bubbles are the names of circles. You always have “Your circles”, “Public”, and “Extended Circles” available, but you can also choose the circles you’ve made. But the To: field isn’t limited to that. Type in the name of one of your contacts to share it specifically with them. Or only them. Or a few people. The post will only ever be visible to who you want it to be. And it’ll remember your sharing configuration when you go to post the next thing, so if you have one you do a lot, it won’t make you enter them all each time. If you need to look through your contacts, on the right of the field is a head icon with a + sign. That’s how you search through contacts for people to share it with. It’s extremely easy to do all this.

Also, you don’t even have to interrupt your Google+ page in order to suddenly share something that pops into your mind, because this entire feature of the sharing square pops down if you click the button labeled ‘SHARE’ on the top right corner of any Google+ page (or any Google page, like the search engine, YouTube, Gmail, etc.).

If you don’t run Facebook pages, skip this paragraph. But if you do run Facebook pages, Google+ has pages too, and they’re okay. But they aren’t as easy to run, I find. Although if you want your blog posts to share automatically, you can do that through Buffer. Buffer can’t post to a personal feed but it can to pages. And Buffer can be triggered via IFTTT since it’s in the list of their cooperating sites.

The last things you need to know are where the settings are so that you can make Google+ notify you and work for you as you want, and if you don’t like the dual-column layout of your feed. Starting with settings, you’ll see there’s a button on the top left of the page labeled ‘HOME’. It has a dropdown menu that easily maneuvers you through the entire site.

Home Corner

In the dropdown menu you can go to organize your People, see your own Profile for editing…

Home Open

…see “What’s hot” (I’ve never used that), go to Communities you’ve joined, see your photos, etc. and at the bottom of that list is the Settings.

Home Open Settings

When you go to Settings you can make sure your Google+ is affiliated with your phone number, set it up to post by SMS or be notified by it, etc. But this is VERY IMPORTANT. On your phone, your G+ app will not notify you unless you open up the settings on a computer and tell it to. Activate notifications to go to your phone, but to “Push Notifcations,” not through SMS, and it’ll send it through the app. I only learned this recently, thinking the app just didn’t work. Turns out… it was that.

Finally you’ll notice your wall is listed in two columns. If you don’t like this, you can turn it into one-column display by clicking the ‘More’ button on the top bar:

More closed

The top bar is where you have all your circles listed. The reason you see “More” is because you might have too many to see listed above. But it’s at the bottom of that list under More where you see Stream layout and can choose dual- or single-column layout.

More open layout

Knowing these things, Google+ won’t feel so strange to you.

More about pages… so skip if you don’t run any… it is sad that you have to open your pages in order to get notifications about them. There may be something in the page settings that fixes this. I haven’t found it yet, but I haven’t looked. If you find it, let me know.

See you there as Ray RedSpider.