Thursday, August 14, 2014

How not to talk about suicide


…posted a friend on Facebook that I really don’t know. He made sure, in giant letters, to scream about it merely being opinion, as though that makes it better. And of course, “Yeah yeah… depression, I get it.” No, Joe. Clearly you demonstrate that you most certainly do not get it. And calling this opinion isn’t helping matters much. Nor is your tantrum thrown when people have their own, disagreeing with you:


Many friends make sure to correct his attitude, and did a very good job of it:


But Joe singled one out and threw a hissy, defensive fit, making himself the victim here:


Poor Joe. He should just be able to say something judgmental, misinformed, and horrible about the dead when the body isn’t even cold yet, without anybody daring to have an opinion in return! Don’t you people get how Amurika works???


Yes, Joe. It makes us feel great to trash your careless statement/judgment that you keep calling an opinion. Poor thing. I know it hurts. But what’s really hilarious is that now he must make our “opinions” equal with his:


But if you think that is bad enough, check out the moronic behavior of this guy when I stepped into the conversation. From the first statement to the last, he truly squeezes every last ounce of stupid for his “debate” about this:


So now what another person experiences is up for debate. This is the hypocrisy of WAAAAHHHH MY OPINION ISN’T GOING UNCHALLENGED!!! by someone challenging another person’s feelings, and then taking it a thousand steps further into Assholeland.


Yes, he did. He argued from the very first reply that I’m arguing it’s not selfish, as though to suggest that it is. Not only that it is, but that in disagreeing, we’re somehow calling suicide a virtue! Just… dude… I can’t even…

I decided to go through the entire conversation thread, but I didn’t make it far. Because as you see above, I saw some truly asshole maneuvers by the “opinion” holder and I just couldn’t hold it back:



I think his friends are done with his attitude now. Good luck finding others, Joe.


Let’s make things clear about opinions: