Sunday, August 10, 2014

He who rides a dinosaur and talks with angels

Derp3 Mark Scott Erickson is an interesting guy. I do not know how he found me, but he only pops up every now and then out of the blue, at random moments, to ridicule something I’ve spoken. He’s shown up on Twitter, on Facebook, and I think he did once on Google+ as well. Not really sure about that last one. But I keep him around because he amuses me.

After all, he has never once said a thing to me that isn’t the absolute dumbest thing imaginable, usually in the most hilarious way. And therefore, I kind of think of him as my little rightwing pet.




Not long ago I changed my Twitter handle, as I do from time to time, on my @BibleAsshole account. I don’t ever change the @ name, but the funny name that goes alongside it. I’ve had it read God’sOnlyEjaculation among other things, but before my recent God’s Buttplug, I had it say GodKnowsHesNotReal. And Mark has mostly hated my atheism as well as my supposed worship of “green science,” and often ends his ridiculous statements with unbelievably dumb questions.




But this time he wanted me to see something that should change my mind about whether there’s a God. And that something comes, believe it or not, from the blog of the utterly ridiculous Joe the Plumber. Who else, right?




Joe the Plumber thinks Noah’s Ark has recently been found. I mean he really believes this. He even thinks he has 14 cold, hard facts about this fictional thing. And of course, he includes that ridiculous Unsolved Mysteries video that claims the Ark was found, which I’d already laughed about before.




Yes, even Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis group… that crazy guy who put a saddle on the triceratops, has declared that it’s bullshit.




So I posted yesterday about how much I have grown weary about people thinking climate science used to say “global cooling” before global warming. First off, it’s a lie. But as I’ve pointed out before, if science once said something and was wrong, and now say something far different with much more analysis and more insight into the facts, for you to drudge up what was once said to discredit today’s knowledge is highly backwards thinking. It’d be like refusing to take today’s medicine because once upon a time witchdoctors thought leaches cleansed your blood.

Which has little to do with what Mark thought he’d shoot my way. That’s okay. I threw down the facts.




I could’ve just shared that last part, but you wouldn’t know why I threw in the Noah’s Ark remark. Now that I have, you can know. And…

The more you know