Saturday, July 12, 2014

Obama Riled Up Republicans on Contraception and Then Delivers a Knock-Out Punch

After two solid weeks of Republicans rapidly escalating attacks on contraception access under the banner of "religious freedom," Obama finally announced what the White House is proposing: an accommodation of religiously affiliated employers who don't want to offer birth control coverage as part of t…

"Obama just pulled a fast one on Republicans. He drew this out for two weeks, letting Republicans work themselves into a frenzy of anti-contraception rhetoric, all thinly disguised as concern for religious liberty, and then created a compromise that addressed their purported concerns but without actually reducing women's access to contraception, which is what this has always been about." So when the Hobby Lobby decision might hurt some people when corporations go nuts (and the people WILL fight back when they do), the only real harm it did was to corporations (see story posted earlier), while women will be unhindered to get the healthcare they need by employers. It still leaves them at the mercy of insurance companies, but as the story says, "Insurance companies are down with the plan, because ... contraception actually saves insurance companies money, since it's cheaper than abortion and far cheaper than childbirth." I'm only concerned about the moment when they decide to be assholes about it. But thankfully, it's not a total loss for women after all, and the power Hobby Lobby and similar corporations think they've won is stripped from them. Good job, Mr. President. #x