Thursday, July 24, 2014

July 24, 2014 at 02:58PM

Who doesn’t remember this blast from the Right’s propaganda past? Superintendent Christopher Manno was reached and assured people that: “There was no intention to indoctrinate children … The teacher’s intention was to engage the children in an activity to recognize famous and accomplished African Americans.” Of course that’s not even reasonable to people outraged.They sent death threats to him too. No, not kidding. There were claims that liberals phoned in death threats to the school… but in fact, there weren’t any death threats to the school other than those who were reacting to Michelle Malkin’s outrage. And of course, when Michelle Malkin launched that outrage, thinking that a song about Obama, the first black president in black history month that Obama had nothing to do with is absurd, she seems to have forgotten not just when Bush himself had kids praise him over Katrina at the Easter egg hunt, but that the only moment of actual worship of a president that I know of is HERE: Obama’s never said God sent him into office. He’s never made kids praise him. He’s never declared a divine mandate to declare war on people, proving God apparently sucks at knowing where WMD’s are or who’s responsible for terrorist attacks. No outrage over any of those incidents, of course. But plenty about the Obama one, as MediaMatters thoroughly documented. That’s entirely on what side? Oh yes. The Right. And I’m guessing a woman who is happy that someone who finally looks like herself is president is the ‘REAL RACIST’ in this situation, right? We already knew this was bullshit, but here they are bringing it up again. More evidence of what Bill Maher recently called, Zombie Lies!!! -- from TruthSlam! #b #s