Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12, 2014 at 12:08AM

So we were trying to think of something to eat, and I wasn't actually in the mood for sushi (although one of Ray's coworkers suggested a place I do hope we try later). That's evidence article A that there's a full moon. Article B that there's a full moon, and a rare, weird one, is that I actually glanced down the road and realized I was in the mood for Indian. Not the Thai place across the street from it. Indian. I love curry dishes but I think the Thai do better jobs with the flavors. I don't hate Indian but it just doesn't hit me right like other nationalities. I've had some killer Pakistani, some pretty remarkable Sri Lankan, and even a pretty badass Nepalese dish, but Indian... not my thing. Especially Tandoori or simosas... just not my things. So there I am suddenly in the mood for Indian. Why? Because I'm imagining something fun with coconut and peanut flavors that would kick the shit out of my sinuses. Found it. Korma. They had it with lamb, chicken, shrimp or just paneer (the skillet-made cheese) vegetarian style, but I chose fish. And with that, I think I found my IN with Indian food. It's an awesome cashew butter sauce with coconut milk that just hit the spot perfectly. Fish was the perfect protein for it as well. So anyways, I can now say that I'm really rounding my diet to nearly every nation known to man. We need more full moons like this. It must be why I'm off my noodle enough to think this would make an interesting status update on social media. Either that or it's the delirium of not breathing clearly.