Monday, July 21, 2014

Homophobia, racism and the Kochs: San Francisco's tech-libertarian "Reboot" conference is a cesspool

Starting today, San Francisco plays host to the Reboot 2014 conference. According to the event's blurb: Reboot 2014 will bring together technical talent and policy advocates to turn ideas into deli...

Seems a stupid place for such a conference. Reason Magazine is a publication that has absolutely no reason in its pages, but pretends ever deceitfully to be reasonable. It's dangerous in that it always reaches conclusions, far as I've seen, as the irrational Rightwing extremists, but thinks that it's done so with good logic, and it has not. They master in throwing detailed and lengthy diatribes of jargon at you for pure obfuscation in order to reach those conclusions. If you decipher them even for a second, they are instantly translated as rightwing talking points. Yes, folks. Libertarianism is just Republicans 2.0 no matter how much you'd like to think otherwise. Good people are fooled into joining their ranks and have no idea what they're following. Here's your sign: KOCH BROS. Nothing rebooting about even more of the same principles that have sunk this nation for the past few decades. Don't fool yourselves. It's time to get liberal up in this bitch. It's our turn. #x