Friday, July 25, 2014

Dear Progressives, We're Not Doing It Right

When a science fiction convention is more affirming, less body-shaming, more welcoming and less sneering than a conference with 3,000 plus "progressives," we're doing something wrong. I loved Netroots Nation in Detroit this year, but we nee...

What progressive issue of body-shaming are they talking about? I just saw an article about Comic Con being a place of tremendous body-shaming and sexual harassment. People constantly say shit about progressives, but they never support that. This article says progressives are all talk, but that's actually bullshit. If anything there's a few who are all whine, and they whine when they don't get their way and point their fingers at everyone. That's why I hate political correctness. It too often fails in its point by slinging judgment and being absolutely unreasonable when the person has to face some reality and don't get their way about everything. Progressivism is constantly insulted, but unduly so, and that's why this article is bullshit. It gives no reason for why progressives are lacking, other than pure anecdote, which I can't believe is lacking in the other event. I mean seriously, nerds are always nice? Okay, you weren't welcome into everything. Waaaah. That wasn't anti-you, because they weren't having parties, like the other event! The author of the article also ignores the horrid record of Comic Con and such conventions! I call bullshit. #x