Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cutting Through The Conservative Lies About The Hobby Lobby Ruling

Two issues alone will have a devastating affect on any religious business or corporation's employees, but after doing a cursory reading of the Hobby Lobby et al complaint, the High Court decision will immediately affect more than just their employees.

"...the religious corporations appealed to the Supreme Court for constitutional authority to do precisely what Republicans lied about what the ACA would do; get between a doctor and their patient." The ACA will not, but this DOES! And men are defending it because it doesn't affect them, calling women sluts for wanting free sex, as though that's all this is about. I'm furious by the misogyny I've dealt with, and the very lies that I've been seeing about this ruling. I'm pissed off that five conservative men didn't interpret constitutional rights, but instead, just clicked yes and agreement with what corporations wanted them to say. Fuck these people. Five men need to be fired immediately from SCOTUS. #x