Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Constitutional horror: Clarence Thomas argues states can establish official religion


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas argues states may establish an official state religion, and sees no problem with an individual state making Christianity the official state religion.

If this is not satire, it may be time for someone to 2nd Amendment some justices from SCOTUS. Hi, NSA. I know you're hearing me. Truth be known, I have seen far worse comments go unnoticed on Facebook, and you do realize I own no weapons and never will. But my point is simply this. There are five people doing what they can to destroy every single constitutional thing we value, and they are the actual enemy of our nation. What gets me is that Thomas can do this much damage to our country, while we are prosecuted for merely making a statement. PS: Nobody try to kill any justices. This post was satirical to demonstrate how fucked we really are. But if any corporation out there has a religion that thinks his actions are worthy of being stoned to death, please practice your religion since you're people and all. You know what? Up is down, right is left, my nuts are people too, my friend, and nothing makes any sense anymore. Woooohooo!!!! I LIKE TURTLES!!!!!!!!! #x