Sunday, March 30, 2014


I'm not easily offended, by any means, and I think you all know that. But when you post a site with a video of a black guy having his ass kicked by a big white guy, even though he started it, okay, race isn't what matters. However if you post it from a site that has hate spewing all over the page, and I comment on how that page is basically just hate porn for white fuckers, I'm not offended at you, but at the page. And what of it? Shouldn't a person be? Hey, let's all watch a black guy getting beaten up. Let's also call him thug and all that, and be okay with the fact people are getting their rocks off watching this... wouldn't it be something that makes sense to find offense in? But I didn't even do that. I just asked, is it really okay just because you find the guy doing the beating hot? That's all. So the person then posts a photo saying that if anybody's offended by anything he posts, that person is a pussy. Okay. That's nice. What would you do? I'm just asking. Because I'm not easily offended, but I am not exactly thrilled to have as a friend someone who is entertained by hateful violence. Even if the white man doing the beating isn't hateful, the people on the page most certainly were incredibly hateful. And that just doesn't settle well with me. Input appreciated.