Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The first is a rightwing principle, and you only earn respect with money. The second is the liberal principle, and you earn disrespect... usually with money.

The first is a rightwing principle, and you only earn respect with money. The second is the liberal principle, and you earn disrespect... usually with money.

If you could have your own Owen Opinion, what would YOU use him for?

If you could have your own Owen Opinion, what would YOU use him for?

Relevance to anything on earth? ZERO.

Relevance to anything on earth? ZERO.

Fascinating ink choice.

Fascinating ink choice.

Or the end of their party. That’s what I’m hoping.

Or the end of their party. That’s what I’m hoping.

This one just reeks with "Dafuq I just read?" sauce.

This one just reeks with "Dafuq I just read?" sauce.

You bettah SHARE THAT SHIT!!!

You bettah SHARE THAT SHIT!!!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Actually what began my lengthy period of unemployment in Georgia, I didn't realize, was that my car insurance company rendered my driver's license invalid even though I'd reported to them that my car was kaput and I no longer needed their services. I wasn't notified, and businesses kept checking up my ID, which I kept saying was valid, and they'd find it was not. Should've been, but wasn't. 

So I never got called back, and nobody would tell me why. So in Georgia, while I couldn't even seem to get Walmart to hire me, people judged me harshly for being unemployed. I came to a point where I'd just given up entirely, but people just insisted it couldn't possibly be that hard to get a job. 

And then the crash happened. Everyone else started suffering my fate. While they judged me for it, I felt nothing but pity for them. And I guess that's where this made me come to grips with how horrid our society had become. 

People say work and hardship build better character, but I disagree. I've always hated seeing people struggle just to barely get by. I've always wished they didn't have to. And they've always hated me for not stuck in that struggle as well (I guess forgetting that I wasn't getting by at all). We wish pain on each other and judge each other for not hurting like we do, rather than wishing life could get better for each other and standing together in solidarity so that could happen. 

Hard, hard labor doesn't build character. It whittles your character down so that you're weakened and bitter, and go on to wish this pain onto others. That is not a good thing. It should easily be seen as not a good thing. 

Another example: Bullying in schools, similarly, is passed on as just a thing that builds character, when what would show growth and character is the notion that our kids should never suffer such abuse at all. The pain I endured in the poorly named PE (which didn't physically educate me in any way) is another thing. We all had to do it so we all want everyone else to have to do it too. It's where kids learn where the weaker kids are so they can begin the bullying. 

You go to school to learn, excited to become intelligent and empowered by knowledge, but you're told that you can't graduate unless you throw a ball, and end up instead worried about where the beatings will come from next. 

When are we going to become a society that evolves rather than tries to sustain pain? When are we going to embrace actual progress? There is no progress in a world that's got gadgets everywhere but nobody has time or freedom to enjoy them. I don't understand it, but I've never wished this pain on anyone. I've always wished that all the people in my life could be set free from it. And I've always been hated in return. 

The hate that is thrown at progressives and liberals is irrational. We shoot those standing for progress and embrace those whipping us into submission. We praise the pharaoh for building what was actually built by the slaves his armies whipped. What the fuck is wrong with us as a people?

Zodiac Men

I wanna lick their cusp and ascend their moon so I can bang them into retrograde! (I know, that was really really bad).


Why is it liberal bashers always prove, in their bashing, that they're the only ones stupid enough to deserve being bashed? Like... this moron:

I'm supposed to feel sooooo bad for them I guess.

I'm supposed to feel sooooo bad for them I guess.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wonder and awww

Contrary to what people say of atheism, science in fact leaves us with tons of wonder and aww and a feeling of humble smallness to bigger powers of nature. Without an intelligence guiding things, that makes things like this even more amazing to me. Why do you need a god to make things amazing for you? How small you must think if that's necessary. (See, we atheists can do it too!)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Moron of the day

Everyone, I'd like to introduce you to Kenneth Hawkins, aka Mr. Derpypants. Kenneth thinks he talks to astronauts and, while he can't use punctuation at all, insists that we're stupid to correct his typing skills because the computer spells things for him. He also says all liberals do is insult and ramble, and yet... well... you be the judge: http://goo.gl/jE9AJh He also decided to follow my own Google+ wall and, apparently, wants me to be terrified because he's threatening me with a disease to "rub me out," and all other gays. We won't see it coming, and he's our worst nightmare: http://goo.gl/ni9aPY Here's his profile... enjoy laughing at our moron of the day: http://ift.tt/LRa7on


People frequently mention how polarized we are in this country. But have you ever wondered where it started? Here's an interesting thing to consider. How many times a day do you hear bashing and blaming of things on liberals, and how many times a day do you hear bashing and blaming of conservatives? How many times do you hear the word "liberal" used as though it's an unquestionably dirty word, and how many times do you hear the same thing happening to "conservative?"

The truth is, the polarization happened like this: everything liberal was made out to be dirty and evil, Satanic and unchristian, unpatriotic and unamerican. It was ubiquitous. It was unchallenged. Entire books and talk radio shows and stations and even a 24/7 news network, emulated now by too many others, developed around starting every single argument with a blame over liberalism.

Then liberals finally started speaking out. When they did, people responded by screaming about "both sides" as though they're both just as bad. But the simple fact is, they're just now starting to speak out. Anything they say is drowned out by accusations of smugness. Even though we've only had moderate-to-extreme-rightwing leadership for decades, every problem is blamed on liberals. When they dare speak up for even a second, they're dismissed in the pool of polarization and STILL not heard.

If you think the liberals are the elitists, the smug, the privileged, the intolerant, the blame for things in this society, you are well conditioned by the ubiquitous conditioning to think so. And you probably never gave it a second thought. Have you?

It's true. We're polarized alright. We were put there by McCarthyism, and that wave of paranoid delusion never ended. But liberals are still here, and we're still fighting, and we're still making points that are ignored, but are correct. If you think we're smug, you might be right, but you may be missing the reason for the smugness. We're proud of what we've survived, while the Right is proud of their still remaining delusion that they're superior because of privilege, not because of correctness of argument. I'd rather be smug for that.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Seems legit

I'm not so sure I should trust my new friend. He doesn't say so, but I have a feeling he has ulterior motives from the way he drools when he looks at me.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dear People of America...

Dear poor people and struggling people and people suffering with fracked, polluted water and people who are now working in retail or fast food because your six-figure job was shipped overseas and people who knew people who died because they were denied healthcare for pre-existing conditions or dropped because they got sick and people who are called lazy or moochers because you have to have assistance just to get by even though you're a teacher or pilot or even just a disabled person or anybody else who fits into these categories and others I couldn't think of...... WHY HAVEN'T WE ALL GOTTEN TOGETHER TO LYNCH THE RICH MOTHERFUCKERS LIKE THE KOCH BROTHERS WHO GOT US ALL INTO THIS MESS? Just something to think about.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

BBT DVD extras

If you have Big Bang Theory's 6th season on DVD, the extras are worth it. The gag reel is always worth it, but the two segments about NASA are amazing. They talk about the design and methods for Howard's space walks, as well as call an actual astronaut AT the space station so the whole cast can talk to him, because he loves their show. It was a big surprise for him, and a wonderful conversation to watch. This show is so much bigger than they meant for it to be. I don't think they had any anticipation for how much the public needed a pop culture way to learn and express admiration for the nerds who have moved society.

Monday, January 13, 2014


I love this little girl. She's so snuggly sweet, and then becomes a real rascal when you forget and move your toes or something.

Our new love child: Puppalina Beaverhausen.

Our new love child: Puppalina Beaverhausen.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

My baby and his daughter, Alex

My baby and his daughter, Alex, enjoying oatmeal. It's his love for his critters that made me fall that extra bit for him.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blaming Bush... still true, conservaturds

"Yeah, that's all Libtards can do is blame Bush." Um no. That's not all we can do. We just keep having to remind you conservatards whenever you blame things on Obama that he inherited, and which the Congress has blocked him from fixing. Stop telling us to stop blame Bush, and learn how to start. I don't stop saying what's Bush's fault anymore than I stop blaming Gravity whenever something falls to the ground. I don't care that you're sick of hearing the truth. Truth is still truth. And Republicans are not only still to blame for what our country suffered, but are now to blame for all these obstructions that prevent any and all attempts for our country to improve. If you'd stop seething over the black guy for just one second, you might actually see some fucking reality.